Thursday, October 02, 2008

Announcements - October

Dear Princetonians:
I would like to provide the following updates:
1. We are trying to arrange a holiday lunch during one of the weekends in December. Further details to follow.
2. The Princeton Triangle Club might be coming to Michigan this year. We are trying to see if they can perform in the metro area.
3. The presentation on "The rise of India and what it means to you" has been postponed for now.
4. The Princeton Prize in Race Relations committee for Detroit is being co-chaired by Mariah Zeisberg and me. The first meeting was held recently and we are inviting applications from the Tri-County high schools.IF ANYONE WORKS IN A PLACE WHICH HAS A NICE AUDITORIUM WHERE WE CAN HAVE THE AWARD CEREMONY WITHOUT CHARGE IN THE SPRING OF 2009, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
-Seemant Chaturvedi ~85