Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Announcements - September

Dear Princetonians:
I would like to provide the following updates:
1. Richard Spina '83 has agreed to join the Club officers as secretary. David Williams '94 will move to the position of Vice-President.
2. SAVE THE DATE OF OCTOBER 15 - The Club will have an evening meeting with guest speaker Seema Chaturvedi. The title of her presentation is "The rise of India and what it means to you". Venue to be determined. For full disclosure, she is my spouse and the other Club officers approved her talk.
3. If anyone is interested in helping to coordinate a holiday lunch for early December, please contact me.
4. The new Detroit Symphony Pops schedule has some excellent programs, including Music of the Beatles in Feb 2009 and Music of Billy Joel in April 2009. If anyone is interested in coordinating a lunch and concert program, please contact me.
5. We might be meeting with local Penn alumni to watch the Princeton-Penn football game at a local sports bar. Details to come. Look forward to hearing from some volunteers.